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Modern product information management


For a globally operating technology group the information model for a standardized creation of technical information (print, online, offline) had to be redesigned to meet the requirements and to be more pragmatic. In the process the entire information landscape had to be restructured to fulfill the customer requirements better and to display the same information in different publications in source language and translations identically.



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Our approach

  • ​Analysis of the user habits concerning the information model in the editorial departments and deriving of weaknesses
  • Reduction of the structuring levels of the old information model
  • Deriving the demand for technical information from a generic customer process
  • Definition, multiple usage, allocation and sequence determination of sections which are compulsory or optional for every publication
  • Allocation of key questions to the sections
  • Standardization of types and pre-structuring of the answers to the key questions
  • Determination of rules for the handling of multimedia-based requirements
  • Deriving rules and standards from the revised information model
  • Identification of the implications to organization, processes and tool landscape



The information model derives the needed technical information (handbooks, catalogues, training documents, brochures, etc.) directly from the customer needs and providing that it is possible it adds standardized structures. Like this it is ensured that customers receive the information that they need and that this information is created highly efficiently in a circle of 400 globally spread editing departments and that the translation costs and times are minimized. From the modification of the information model the requirements of the IT could subsequently be derived clearly.



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