Semantic Knowledge Engineering

Our semantic networks turn data and information into knowledge – the basis to digitalize your company and the key to use modern AI methods.


Data & information become knowledge - put your business objects in relation to each other!

Every company maintains a wealth of data and information. Either from the company itself or from the associated company environment.

In times of digitalization it is necessary to exploit the full usage potential of all data and information by generating knowledge. This is the task and core understanding of Semantic Knowledge Engineering. With the help of semantic networks, we relate your data to each other and thus generate valuable knowledge for your company.

BIM - Building Information Modelling with semantic technology designed efficiently and intelligently

Since 2020, products and processes in the construction industry must be made available in the form of digital objects. All companies involved in a construction project will thus be digitally networked. With the help of semantic technology, BIM is designed to be efficient and cost-saving:

  • Information on manufacturing processes, building materials, materials, etc. can be generated partly automatically with the help of semantic technology.
  • The data for 3D models can also be generated semantically in an useful way and thereby deliver considerable savings potential in 3D data generation.
  • The semantic enrichment of BIM data with relevant dependencies (this component has a lifetime of n hours under the conditions a and b, if b does not occur in more than 50% of the lifetime) adds further relevant knowledge to BIM data.

This allows you to use Artificial intelligence (AI) to digitize your BIM topics in your company.

Semantics as a Basis for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence

With semantic technology you create the basis for the digitalization of your company and for the use of modern AI methods. In this way you significantly improve your market position and are sustainably prepared for the future.

Take advantage of our know-how

  • Analysis, conception and implementation of semantic relationships between your business objects
  • Intelligent use of your data and information regardless of its complexity
  • Generation of new business knowledge - knowledge becomes an important asset of your company
  • Continuous consistency in company data and knowledge - all data and knowledge users can be supplied with one knowledge source

Excerpt from the various potential benefits which we have already realized with the help of semantic technology:

  • Absorption of cross-selling and up-selling potential as well as additional selling potentials through use case-specific sales strategies
  • Absorption of the selling potentials of the digital shadow - giving the customer exactly the right knowledge (of whose existence he doesn't know anything) at the right time
  • Selling potentials through intelligent semantic bot technology: We use AI methods, not predefined question paths
  • Important knowledge is made persistent and remains in the company - independent of employee fluctuation, IT systems, etc.
  • Completely new synergy effects and enormous savings potentials in the maintenance of your (master) data
  • Complex multidimensional facts (e.g. certification of certain product combinations under consideration of numerous boundary conditions) can be easily mapped and valuable company knowledge can be derived from them.
  • The intelligent use of semantic technology allows you to generate data from your business environment and derive valuable knowledge from it. User data from apps, bots, configurators, support requests etc. can be used to generate valuable knowledge. This way, your company will always have its finger on the pulse of time and will immediately notice changes in the market environment.
  • Through semantic networks and their intelligent use, new knowledge is partly generated automatically from existing data.
  • With the help of semantic technologies, you are able to determine where which data, information and knowledge is created and for whom they can be relevant or potentially relevant.


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