BIK is a consultancy with experts for engineering and the implementation of highly advanced solutions..

Using solutions of the following fields, we enable you to participate in technological and economical innovations.



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Company history

As a spin-off of the University Erlangen-Nuremberg, we have been providing this understanding for our customers for more than 15 years. Trust, proactivity and loyalty towards our customers and a comprehensive support – even beyond the projects' boundaries – are important for us.

In close cooperation with our clients, our motivated, committed, creative and friendly employees have linked practice needs with academic activities and have implemented successful solutions for the benefit of our clients. Thus, we have steadily developed our portfolio to bring your processes to life.

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Our mission

Processes determine the way of work and how valude is added in your company. Our range of services is derived from this basic understanding:

1. Processes: Organizations should not only know their processes, they should optimize and control their processes. These targets have comprised already the entire understanding of Business Process Management for a long time. Fact is, although, that documented processes are necessary, although not a sufficient basis.

2. Engineering and IT solutions: To ensure that processes will actuall effect daily business instead of only being paper solutions, they must be brought to life. We implement this idea through process-oriented IT solutions. Effective and efficient IT systems are based on clearly and unambiguously documented processes.

3. Smart Enterprise: Powerful IT systems create process and business data. It is a special challenge to transform these data into business-relevant information. We transform these data by using classical reporting, powerful and multidimensional analysis or semantic relationships between business objects. We call an organization "smart" when it converts its data constantly into information, making them role- and context-sensitively available in order to integrate this information seamlessly into the regular work environment. The interpretation of information is the basis for the review of process quality and therefore completes the circle.

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